BT Financial - Art Direction

Bt Financial. Digital Art Direction by Brigitta Ryan.

Bigger and better, online.

As a digital art director I have worked on numerous digital campaigns that need to be derivative of a much larger above the line campaign. This campaign with BT Financial is an example of how I managed to translate something real world and made for television (30 foot high fluorescent light sculptures!) into a cohesive online campaign. 

The Glue Society developed the ATL brand awareness campaign 'It Pays to Look at the Bigger Picture' for Australian financial group BT. The television and outdoor campaign included large scale graphs made from thousands of mini fluorescent tubes. It looked stunning. My job as the campaigns digital art director was to not lose the power and beauty of these sculptures when translating these minute long, jargon filled videos into interactive advertisements. I also create an extensive landing site, revamped the BT homepage and develop mobile advertising concepts.

I set about meticulously recreating the graphs and the accompanying content for the web. The long form content was reworked into interactive calculator banners, where the graph would play out a unique animation. And working with animator Chu Yook Lieu, each of the graphs were recreated in flash. Other ads included purpose shot expert videos, with BT's senior finalcial advisors giving more context around each graph.

The online media buy was the largest in the brand's history and the overall campaign was very successful. From a brand in decline, brand awareness tripled in the first 4 months – bringing the brand in line with far higher spending competitors - and brand consideration also increased by 30%. During the campaign period online traffic rose by 18% with ‘Find an Advisor’ requests rose by 310%.